10x8 Shed

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10x8 Shed

Post by PDav » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:54 pm


I'm new here so I hope I don't ask too many dumb questions. I've done a ton of DIY stuff over the years so I'd say I'm definitely competent and I've also got a decent set of tools at my disposal for this project including a brand new compound mitre saw and bench that I've recently bought with this project in mind. As I've said, I've done lots of DIY like hanging doors, fitting skirtings and dado's, plastering, plumbing, laminate flooring etc etc. All the stuff you do when you do your own work on your house. I'd also say I'm pretty good but, I've never actually built anything like a shed from scratch.
I've looked into this project a bit now and it seems pretty simple stuff so I don't see me having any problems from a practical point of view but I just want to know that I get everything technically correct. No point building a shed that falls down!!!
I'm planning on building the framing with 4"x 2"s (100mm x 47mmm). This seems to be the most widely accepted way.
As for the floor and roof, I'm not sure. There seems to much opinion on what the right thicknesses are. What's your thoughts??
I was going to tile the roof but I'm not sure if the weight of a tiled roof would be adequately supported by 4 x 2 framework. What are the options for roofing other than standard felt??
I want to put this shed on a concrete slab but the ground where it is to stand drops off quite a bit and I think this will require an amount of concrete which may make the project financially nonviable. So my plan now it to maybe pour the concrete into frames so that it creates a number of posts/pads on which to place the shed. How many of these would I need and do they need to be minimum size in order to carry the weight??
I think that's it for now, thinks in advance for any advice offered



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Re: 10x8 Shed

Post by thekarter » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:31 am

I think the best covering for the roof is GRP, it's easy to do and will last probably more that 20 years. I would do some costing before you start as it could be cheaper to by a shed than it would cost you to buy the wood.

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Re: 10x8 Shed

Post by Meccarroll » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:52 am

4"x2" sawn is more than you need for a shed size of 10x8, 3"x2" is more than adequate for uprights but I'd just take a look around at some sheds and find out what shed builders use. I'd probably use something like 1 1/2" x 3" max spaced at 400mm centres for a shed.

If you are going to use a suspended wood floor above the ground a useful calculation is below:

For house floors a thumb of rule for 2" wide flooring joist is: Span in feet divided by 2 then add 2, this gives the depth of floor joist in inches.

So for an 8' span using 2" wide joist the calculation would be: 8 ÷ 2 =4 then 4+2= 6" therefore 6"x2" joist are suitable size to span over 8' with no intermediate support. The joist should be spaced at 400mm centres and covered by T&G boarding nailed to the joist.

If you want to use an intermediate support (another pad) spaced halfway along the 8' at say 4' then the joist size would be 4"x2".


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