Woodworm in Beech

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Woodworm in Beech

Post by Sarj » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:00 pm

Hi all. Hoping someone might be able to advise me here. A huge beech tree came down in a storm at the back of my patch three years ago. Luckily the trunk was raised off the ground by a couple of large boughs so that when I finally got round to cutting it into boards, the timber was still sound and nicely spalted in parts. I've got the lot stacked up now on stickers, air drying under cover at the back of my shop. However, there are some worm holes, pretty big ones, in places, not throughout. I managed to get a photo of this little guy poking out. The bit of it you can see in the photo is about 6-7mm long. Worried the worm would spread throughout the timber I sprayed the lot with Lignum Pro. Anyone got any idea what this worm could be? Do you think it might spread or am I safe now as the timber begins to dry out? Welcome any views on this. Thanks...
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Re: Woodworm in Beech

Post by promhandicam » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:30 pm

If you don't get any luck asking here, maybe ask a timber yard - English Woodland Timber at Cocking are very helpful in my experience.

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