Small workshop Tablesaw/Small panel saw options?

If its got a cable, this is the place to talk about it.
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Small workshop Tablesaw/Small panel saw options?

Post by PaulPro »

Hi Guys, first post here.

I have a workshop and my old Sheppach table saw has packed in. Im looking to replace this with another heavy duty rip/table saw or small panel saw.

I'm finding options between the two difficult to come by. I dont have the space for a panel saw which needs around 6m x 3.8m footprint. I have a space of about 5m x 3m

I was about to purchase a second hand robland for 5k but backed out after looking at dimensions.

Has anyone else run into this issue and found an in between?

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Re: Small workshop Tablesaw/Small panel saw options?

Post by davidpidge »

There are panel saws with various lengths of sliding table down to a meter or so.
Axminster has plenty or you could get a sedgwick TA315 and get the big sliding table option.
What's your budget? Looking for new or used or not fussed?

Just re-read your post and if you need a heavy duty rip saw as a priority that can also cut panels I think the sedgwick would be a good option. Really depends on budget.
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