Tips on dying/oiling black walnut (solid + veneer)?

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Tips on dying/oiling black walnut (solid + veneer)?

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Hello all,

I have some unfinished kitchen cabinets & cabinet doors made of veneered & solid North American black walnut that I am trying to match/complement in tone to a 60s teak floor. (The teak has a rather pleasing greyish-blonde colour.) I have found that light application of a yellowish spirit-based dye (I'm using one made by the Chestnut brand, and I find spirit-based less harsh than water-based) followed by danish oil gives a nice look—these are modernist-style cabs—but I have some qualms due to inexperience:

1. Is the dye likely to fade substantially over time?
2. What is the best way to apply the dye evenly over a large area (some of the cabinet doors are 2m high)? Rag? Brush? Roller? I also have to get into the crevices/corners of the cabinets easily.
3. Is Danish oil durable enough for kitchen cabinets, or is there a better alternative? Everyone raves about Osmo poly wax oils but are they as easy to apply and do they give that same nice low sheen?

Any advice most welcome!

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