Best gloss finish for red cedar kid's garden bench

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Best gloss finish for red cedar kid's garden bench

Postby Kencreations » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:16 am

Hi I am building a couple of benches for my garden from western red cedar. I would like advice on the best gloss finish I can apply to protect the wood from damage from my two children and to minimise splinter risk.
I love that this wood goes a nice grey over time, I have used it on my fence with no finish and 3 years in and it looks amazing still and very strong.
This project I need a smooth and protective finish, not for the wood mainly for my kids.

Please help if possible? Do I just use yacht varnish? Shellac?
I don't mind if the finish is clear or coloured. Just whatever is best for the above reasons.

Thank you in advance.

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